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Top summer destinations in India

Summer times in India could be harsh and punishing especially if you have sightseeing in mind. Popular destinations such as Delhi, Rajasthan and Agra (renowned for iconic Taj Mahal) are especially hot during summer. To find respite, it is ideal to hit the hills or the beaches where you could relax, enjoy and rejuvenate.

Listed below are 5 destinations where you could spend a relaxing summer vacation in India. If you are looking for something more adventurous to beat the heat , you should check out these popular destinations specializing in water sports in India.
Among all the tourist wealth of India - Goa has a special place. . This tiny emerald cradled between the coast of the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghat mountain range is widely known as a beach retreat of world level.

Why should you visit Goa? For several reasons. Firstly – Goa is amazing in its natural splendor, the wide and endless beaches with the absence of pronounced tides. Secondly – it’s  unique colonial flavor - a mixture of Portuguese and Indian "in one bottle”. 

Third - There is this fun, festive atmosphere of the northern part of Goa, with its exciting nightlife, an incredible array of vibrant cafes and bars along with endless shops. Check out most popular beaches in Goa.

Likir Monastery, Ladakh
Likir Gompa, Ladakh

Ladakh lies on the Tibetan plain ensconced amidst two mountain ranges in Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is one of the most magical places on planet and whether you are the intrepid back-packer variant seduced by the serene white expanse of the mighty Himalayas, or just a wanderlust-stricken traveler wishing to lose yourself in the “otherworldly” wonders of Mother Nature – the mystical valleys of Ladakh are the heaven-on-earth incarnate that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Once a major trading center on the "Silk Road" that linked Tibet, India, China, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe, today Ladakh remains an "other worldly" place. Called by some "The Last Shangri-La" Whatsoever are the descriptions the rugged and arid landscape of Ladakh has been favorite destination for holiday seekers, trekkers and even an important subject to many photographers.

Here's your 1 page hand book to Ladakh Trip and top 5 destinations in Ladakh to choose from.

Draped majestically on a ridge and its seven spurs, Shimla is also known as the “Queens of Hill” and is a major tourist destination and honeymoon getaway in India. Shimla shot into scene when British decided to make it their summer capital owing to its salubrious weather and picturesque landscape. Nestled in Himalayas and bestowed with vivid natural beauty evident in its dense forests of pine, rhododendron, and oak, Shimla experiences pleasant summers and cold, snowy winters and attracts tourists throughout the year.

Neo-Gothic architecture and Victorian ambience pay homage to this charming county’s colonial legacy. It is also connected to the city of Kalka by one of the three narrow gauge railways known as Mountain Indian Railways of India which is a protected UNESCO World Heritage. Dorje Drag Monastery, The Mall, Viceregal Lodge, Photo Art Gallery, the Ridge and Crist Church are must visit attractions of Shimla.

Kovalam Beach
This crescent shaped beach also referred to as the paradise of the South was once the favorite haunt of the hippies. Once a sleepy little hamlet and backpackers paradise, Kovalam today is one of the most popular and exclusive beach destinations in India, thanks to its tryst with urbanization and international tourists flocking to regale in this sun and sand paradise. 

Tropical coastline swathed in coconut groves, Ayurveda and spa, mouth tingling cuisines and shopping makes it one of the most happening places and not just in god's own country Kerala but in the whole world.

Internationally renowned tourist destination, thanks to its tea industry famous among connoisseurs of tea and Darjeeling Himalayan Railways, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Darjeeling is a lush country draped along Himalayas and offering towering view of the glittering K2 peak. During the Raj era, British used it as their de facto summer capital until the capital was shifted from Calcutta (now Kolkata) to Delhi.
Darjeeling allure lies in its bucolic countryside, rolling hills draped with sal, oak and alpine forest and salubrious climate. Tiger Hill, Observatory Hill, Japanese Peace Pagoda and Himalayan Zoo are some of the major attractions in Darjeeling.

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