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Goa: A Slice of Sun and Sand in Tropical Paradise

Among all the tourist wealth of India, Goa tours has a special place. Goa is a charming destination which offers unique experiences and fond memories of Indian holidays. This tiny emerald ensconced amidst the coast of the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghat mountain range is widely known as a beach retreat of world level.

Tours to Goa is choice of millions and each year witness tourists from around the world flock to this sun and sand paradise to partake in its vibrant vacation ideas, succulent cuisines, liberal hospitality and unmatchable laidback languidness.

holidays in Goa
Sun and sand paradise: An incomparable languidness experienced at Goa beaches is its most appealing  factor

Why should you visit Goa when you plan your tours to India? For several reasons.

1. Goa is amazing in its natural splendor, the wide and endless beaches with the absence of pronounced tides.
2. It’s unique colonial flavor - a mixture of Portuguese and Indian "in one bottle”.
3. There is this fun, festive atmosphere of the northern part of Goa, with its exciting nightlife, an incredible array of vibrant cafes and bars along with endless shops.

Goa offers a unique travel experience to visitors which are seldom witnessed in other parts of India. Goa is a special world, a fabulous cocktail of sun, sea and different cultures. The cosmopolitan hospitality and mouth tingling cuisines add to the fascination and appeal of Goa.

Food in Goa
Food is not an issue for international tourists on Goa tours. The food is great. Chinese and European cuisine, Indian cuisine, as well as dozens of different seafood fresh from the sea are as savory on palate as they are tantalizing for the taste buds of the diners. The local cuisine redolent with Portuguese flavor is not to be missed at any cost.

Hotels in Goa 
There’s a hotel available in Goa for every taste and budget. Luxury Hotels VIP class, family resorts, democratic Hotels, guest houses, private villas, apartments, houses, simple chalets on the beach economy class. You name it and you have it!

tours to goa
Breathtaking view of Arabian Sea from the lounge bar of Taj Holiday Village in Goa
Things to ponder when planning Goa tours:
Select a suitable season for travel, as well as hotel in a tourist area in Goa, which corresponds to the wishes of tourists. Goa may get too crowded sometimes and you may find it really hard to find an accommodation of your choice.

Goa tours
Goa is a tiny emerald ensconced between Western Ghat and Arabian Sea which makes for amazing  sightseeing as well as variety in Goa
Besides, Goa is divided into several tourist regions: the extreme south, south, center, north and extreme North Goa. In each of these regions has its own peculiarities. Choosing the best option for your tours to Goa is always helped by experienced travel industry professionals who love and know well the destinations and resorts in Goa.


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