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Antyodaya Express to start from Bikaner to Bilaspur

A weekly train named Antyodaya Express was started from Bikaner to Bilaspur. The train runs without reservation and was flagged off by Mr. Rajen Gohain, the union minister of state for Railways, from Bikaner Station at 1:00 PM.

Train number 14719, Bikaner-Bilaspur Antyodaya Express will run from Bikaner on July 18 and will continue to run on every Wednesday. On the other hand, train number 14720 will continue to run on every Sunday from Bilaspur upon its start-off after July 20.

Antyodaya Express - Bikaner to Bilaspur

The train features a total of 18 LHB coaches including 16 General Category coaches and 2 Generator coaches. Also, the Bikaner-Bilaspur Antyodaya Express covers a distance of 1498 km in 38 hours. This will help people with easy traveling amidst various comforts.

Earlier also, people were benefitted with the services of Antyodaya Express when it first began to run on March 4, 2017. The train was flagged off by Suresh Prabhu, the former Minister of Railways and runs between Ernakulam Junction and Howrah.

Special features of Antyodaya Express

  • The train covers the journey at the night.
  • The passengers are not required to book tickets in advance. General second class tickets are valid for this train.
  • Vinyl Sheets are used to decorate the façade of the train to make it more attractive.
  • The coaches of the train come with features like mobile charging points and bio-toilets in the compartments. Indian Railways has designed the model of this train.
  • Safety and security is ensured with the help of CCTV cameras and smoke alarms.
  • Coat hangers, aqua guard water vending machines and Braille indicators are the other highlights of this train.

Besides Antyodaya Express, there are other types of trains as well in India which are mentioned below.

1. Passenger Trains

Passenger Trains

Passenger Trains consist of passenger carrying vehicles and navigate from depots or stations. A passenger traveling from one station to another can embark or disembark from or at the desired station. Interstate trains, intercity trains etc. come under this category.

2. Toy Trains

Toy Trains give the passengers a chance to marvel at the scenic views while covering the most picturesque trails. These trains usually run in the hill stations but are sometimes used for events and exhibitions. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railways and the Nilgiri Mountain Railway are two very popular toy trains in India and are declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

3. Semi-High Speed Trains

The concept of Semi-High Speed Trains in India was started in 2016 with the inaugural of the Gatiman Express. The first semi-high speed train in India runs between Delhi to Agra at a speed of 160 km/hr.

4. Local Trains

These trains are popular in almost every state. They take people from one district to another within the state. To travel on these trains, tickets can be bought a few minutes before embarking on them.

5. Luxury Trains

These trains are for the elite class. Fully-equipped with all the luxuries and modern comforts, these trains take the ‘royals’ from one place to another. Popular Indian Luxury Trains are Maharajas’ Express, Palace on Wheels, Golden Chariot, and Deccan Odyssey etc.

6. Express Trains

Express Trains

Famed for their speed, these trains save a lot of time of the passengers. Well-known names are Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express etc.

7. Metro Train

With the facility of Metro trains, traveling in the metropolis has become easier and comfortable. Now, no need to worry about the traffic jams, scorching heat or overcrowded modes of traveling. These trains take less time and are a favored choice of many. Delhi Metro, Kolkata Metro and Hyderabad Metro are the famous ones.

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8. Garib Rath

Posing a challenge for the express trains, Garib Rath saves a lot of money of the passengers. These trains are equipped with comfortable seats, have AC coaches and travel faster. Puri - Howrah Garib Rath Express and Pune - Nagpur Garib Rath Express are two names in this series.

The list of trains is wide and exhaustive. These were some of the popular train types in India.

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