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10 Most Mysterious Places in India

Reading and studying about mystery is a topic, always of interest to a lot of people. Like many others, India also has a lot of mystery connection to it. Here is a list of 10 most mysterious places in India:

Ghost Town of Kuldhara, Rajasthan

Kuldhara-Rajasthan-(Ghost-Town)-Mysterious Places in India
Abandoned since 1800s, Kuldhara is a ghost village, said to carry a curse of the villagers who had migrated to other places. Situated around 15 kms west of Jaisalmer, the village is a wreck now.  This prosperous village established in 1291 by Paliwal Brahmins. Legends suggest that 84 villages in this area were wiped out in the course of a single night. The reasons vary from  dark practices and other witchcrafts.

Himalayan Mysteries about Yetis, Ghosts and Yogis

Himalayan-Mysteries-(Immortal-Beings,-Yeti,-Yogis,-Ghosts,-Red-Snow)-Mysterious Places in India

Locals have reported various accounts of an eternal being, Yeti living in the Himalayas. Many trekkers have seen red spots sprinkled all over the ice. Stories of mysterious meditating yogis in ashrams hidden in the inaccessible areas of the Himalayas also do rounds. Others also say that they have seen ghosts of people who were either soldiers or climbers who died.

Aleya Ghost Lights of Bengal Swamps, West Bengal

Bengal-Swamps-West-Bengal-(Aleya-Ghost-Lights)-Mysterious Places in India
Aleya Ghost Lights of Bengal Swamps, West Bengal
Unexplained marsh ghost lights or Aleya lights have been reported by local fishermen in the West Bengal swaps. It is said that if one follows these lights, he often gets confused, loosing his way, which may result in his drowning. Many bodies have been discovered. It is said that  these lights are the ghosts of fisherman who died while fishing. However, these lights prove to be helpful sometimes.

Red Rain in Kottayam Idukki, Kerala

Kottayam-Idukki– Kerala-(Red-Rain)-Mysterious Places in India
Red Rain in Kottayam Idukki, Kerala
 Kottayam and Idukki in Kerala witnessed red-colored rain from 25th  July to 23rd September, which has been happening since 1986, the most recent one in June of 2012. These areas have an abundance of red-colored algae on trees, rocks and lamp posts. As per the scientists of Mahatma Gandhi University, these colored particles are extraterrestrial cells.

Chir Batti in Banni Grasslands Reserve, Rann of Kutch

Banni-Grasslands-Reserve-Rann-of-Kutch-(Chir-Batti)-Mysterious Places in India
World Famous Chir Batti - Rann of Kutch
In Banni Grasslands Reserve, Rann of Kutch, Gujarat which is a seasonal marshy grassland, few mysterious dancing lights have been reported by the locals, which they call Chir Batti. It is said that these lights are as bright as a mercury lamp and also change color from blue, red, yellow to a pear- shaped moving ball. Being witnessed from centuries, they are sometimes very fast and sometimes standstill. Visitors and soldiers on border says that the light sometimes appears to follow them but the scientists say these lights are a result of oxidation of methane from the marshes.

Mistpouffers and Barisal Guns in Ganga and Brahmaputra Delta

explained-Sounds-of-Ganges-and-Brahmaputra-Delta-(Mistpouffers,Barisal-Guns)-Mysterious Places in India
Mistpouffers and Barisal Guns in Ganga and Brahmaputra Delta
Mystery sounds like a sonic boom of a jet or an airplane have been heard in the Ganga and Brahmaputra delta. The strange thing about these sounds are that they have been heard from the times when airplanes were not even invented and thus are confusing for the experts  too.

Skeleton Lake or Roopkund Lake, Uttarrakhand

Roopkund-Lake-Uttarakhand-(Skeleton-Lake)-Mysterious Places in India
Skeleton Lake or Roopkund Lake, Uttarrakhand
Roopkund Lake, a glacial lake is located in the Himalayan mountains at around 5000 m. In 1942, a forest guard made a chance sighting of about hundreds of human skeletons, on the banks of Roopkund. From past many years, various groups of Indian and European scientists have not been able to resolve the mystery. Various theories have been suggested till date to explain these well- preserved bones and skulls.

An Indo-Chinese UFO Base Kongka La Pass, Aksai Chin, Ladakh 

Kongka-La-Pass – Aksai-Chin,-Ladakh-(Indo-Chinese-UFO-Base)-Mysterious Places in India
An Indo-Chinese UFO Base Kongka La Pass, Aksai Chin, Ladakh
Kongka La pass, the Himalayas is a disputed land on the Indo-Chinese border of Aksai Chin and thus is is one of the least accessed areas too. The locals on both the sides suppose that there is an underground UFO base, known by both the countries. There are claims of the common sightings of UFOs coming out of the ground. Tourists are denied entry permits to this region.

Mass Bird Suicides at Jatinga, Assam

Jatinga-Assam-(Mass-Bird-Suicides)-Mysterious Places in India
Jatinga more popular among the tourists for the birds committing suicide then its natural beauty
Jatinga village, Dima Hasao, Assam remains in the news for its bird suicides happenings. A majority of the migratory birds who visit the village never leave and just drop dead on the streets, specifically between 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on the moonless nights in the months of September and October. This happens on a definite 1 mile by 600 feet strip of land. Although several theories have been given but nothing has been exact.

Kodinhi Village of Twins, Kerala

Kodinhi-Kerela-(Village-of-Twins)-Mysterious Places in India
Kodinhi Village of Twins, Kerala
Around 35 kms south of Calicut is Kodinhi with around 2000 families. A village with a Muslim majority, is known for its very high twin birth rate. Till 2009, there were 220 sets of twins  and two sets of triplets also. Even the women married-off in far away places also have high twin birth rate.
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Top 10 Reasons You Must Visit India

India is known for its vibrancy and cultural diversity, all round the world. There is a huge amount of diversity in everything, be it culture, language, traditions, food, geography, rituals etc. This makes it one of the most-famous countries and tourist destinations too. Well, if you have not been to India till now, then you are actually missing a great experience. 

10 Reasons You Must Visit India

 Here is a list of 10 reasons you must visit India -

1 - India is home to Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world and a UNESCO world heritage site too. This beautiful white-marble monument was built by Shah Jahan, a Mughal emperor, in the memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaj Mahal.

2 - India offers a variety of cuisines. Each region of the country has its distinct cooking-style, textures, spices, taste and aroma in their dishes. Some of the popular delicacies are Sarsoon ka Saag and Makki ki roti, street food, Butter Chicken, Biryani and spicy curries.

3 - India has the top two wettest places on earth, Mawsynram and Cherrapunji. Both the places are located in North East India.

4 - India boasts of being home to the cleanest village in Asia,  Mawlynnong, located in the East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya. This place also has 100 percent literacy rate too.

5 - Mumbai, India  has the first billion dollar residence in the world, called Antilia. This 27-storey building belongs to the richest Indian, Mukesh Ambani.

6 - During ancient and medieval times when India was being ruled by a number of dynasties, several battles were fought. This led to the creation of various sea forts which are now architectural marvels and heritage monuments.

7 - India is home to a number of World Heritage Sites such as Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort, Qutub Minar, Humanyun’s Tomb, Buddhist sites in Sanchi and many more – an able proof of India’s rich heritage.

8 - Khajuraho temples, built centuries ago, a world heritage site, is popular worldwide. These temples have erotic human poses, animal sculptures and so on. They are visited by a large number of tourists, every year.

9 - The Murudeshwara Temple’s Gopuram in South India is the tallest temple in the world, with  a height of  249 ft. It is a proof of architectural brilliance of mankind. It has beautiful delicate designing and sculpting.

10 - India has the richest temple in the world too, Padmanabhaswamy temple. Located in  Thiruvnanthapuram, this temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.  It was built during the reign of the royal family of Travancore.
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India Luxury Tours: Here’s the List of options to Choose and Experience to Savor

One of the most exotic tourist destinations on the world tourism map, India is visited by millions of tourists every year to see and explore the colorful culture and picturesque beauty of this  country. The country is apt for both backpackers and family vacations. Some of the destinations have a cosmopolitan ambience to offer to the guests. While most overseas travelers show interest in the history, art and culture of India, others are attracted by the breathtaking beauty of sandy beaches and palm-fringed backwaters. Of late, India luxury tours are gaining drive among the foreign travelers.

The word luxury in itself defines as traveling with comforts. Mentioned below are the options which offer all the comforts of a luxury travel.

Heritage Hotels

Heritage Hotels
Heritage Hotels in India
In India, the concept of heritage hotels originated after independence. Post independence, many kings converted their ancestral property into heritage hotels as it was quite difficult to for them to conserve the legacy  of their forefathers. For overseas travelers looking forward to staying in a heritage hotel, Rajasthan is indeed a perfect option. The state was home to several princely states before independence and offers a chance to experience the royal  lifestyle of the kings.

Indian Luxury Trains

Luxury Train
Luxury Train Travel in India
Unlike the west, the concept of luxury train traveling started quite late in India. But today it is a major driver of growth in the Indian tourism sector.At present, there are six luxury trains running in India- Palace on Wheels, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Indian Maharaja, Golden Chariot, Deccan Odyssey and Maharajas’ Express. The most prominent name in the list is Palace on Wheels. Launched  in 1982, the train is a joint venture of Rajasthan Tourism and Development Corporation (RTDC) and the Indian Railways. Maharajas’ Express, launched in 2010, marks the crescendo of this luxury tourist train in India.

Luxury River Cruises 

Luxury River Cruises, india
Luxury River Cruises in india
Luxury river cruises in India offer a spectacular opportunity to witness the exquisite marine life and astounding geography of India in an ambience packed with modern comforts. There are three popular cruise trips offered in India- Heritage Ganga River Cruise, Brahmaputra River Cruise, Sunderbans Luxury Cruise and Vrinda Luxury Backwater Cruise. Goa is a popular destination for river cruises, mostly done on the Mandovi river. You can  either relish a sunrise cruise or enjoy the golden beauty of the sunset cruise. There is also a full moon cruise which is ideal for honeymooners.

Some Experiences That You Can Savor 
  • While staying at a heritage hotel, you can relish delicacies straightaway drawn from the royal kitchens of erstwhile Indian monarchs. A royal Thali usually consists of five dishes in a small bowl, which are served on a big steel Thali with salads & pickles. 
  • The itineraries of a luxury train have various exclusive insider experiences store for each day. For example, the Indian Splendor itinerary of Maharajas’ Express train includes a lunch meeting with the royal family of Balasinor. 
  • In river cruises such as Vrinda Luxury Backwater Cruise, you can take delight in Classical “Kathakali” and  “Mohiniattam” dance performances.
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Best Romantic Valentine's Day Destinations In India

A warm hug, a passionate kiss, a bouquet of red roses, swiss chocolate and a candle-lit dinner followed a romantic drive, this is what we hear from most people when it comes a Valentine’s Day with your honey. In the land of India, there are several romantic cities and tourist spots which attract visitors to feel the vibes of love and share with your companion. Here is the list of  must visit destinations on Valentine’s Day.


Kerala BackwaterIt is a fabulous place to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Here the romantic couples enjoy a lot of fun, relaxation and delight. You can choose a slothful tour of the beach or a relaxing cruise in the backwater region of Kerala. 


Goa BeachesThe beach destination of international renown, Goa is a popular choice to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Though there are many picturesque beaches in Goa, Palolem beach is a perfect choice  for love birds as it is quite secluded as compared to other beaches. You can move to Goa if an adventurous and laid back place is on your mind. 


Taj Mahal, AgraRecognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal in Agra is a perfect place to express your love to your sweetheart on the Valentine’s Day. Walking on the pavement of Taj with your honey on a full moon night is an experience beyond words.


ManaliSituated in Himachal Pradesh, Manali is one of the most romantic destinations in India. Every year, it attracts honeymooners in large number. White water rafting, Paragliding and Ice Skiing are some of the adventurous activities that can be done. Other places to visit include Rahalla Falls, Malan Valley and Manali Wildlife Sanctuary.


UdaipurFondly referred to as ‘City of Lakes’, Udaipur is a dream destination for celebrating Valentine’s Day. The romantic charm of Udaipur lies in an array of man-made marvels dotting the length and breadth of this city along with the lush green Aravali ranges.


Nestled at a height of 6,358 feet above sea level, Nainital is a beautiful, picturesque and a verdant green hill station in the state of Uttarakhand. Some major attractions of this place include Naina peak, Tiffin top, ropeway, horse riding and boating.


OotySituated at an altitude of 7,440 feet above sea level, Ooty, also known as ‘Queen of Hill Stations’, is a popular hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu. The dense forests, tea estates and lofty mountain peaks add to the attractions of this hill station.
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Tour aboard Palace on Wheels for Wildlife Excursion

Spanning over a whopping 3,42,000 square kilometers, in the northwestern part of the country, Rajasthan is not only the largest state in India  but also attracts a sizeable chunk of overseas travelers. One of the most popular ways to explore the diversity of this region is to travel on board Palace on Wheels. When it comes to Rajasthan tours, the popular tourist attractions are forts, palaces, lakes, sand dunes and wildlife. The state is home an array of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. 

Palace on Wheels - Luxury Train Travel
Palace on Wheels Train

During the 8 days and 7 night journey on board Palace on Wheels, the luxury train encompasses the former princely states of Rajasthan along with a stopover in Agra. The two destinations covered by the Palace on Wheels train- Sawai Madhopur and Bharatpur- are mainly visited for wildlife excursion. While Sawai Madhopur is home to Ranthambore National Park, Bharatpur is famous for Keoladeo Ghana National Park, a UNESCO  World Heritage Site and bird sanctuary.

Spotted Deer in Ranthambore National Park
These national parks teem with an array of flora and fauna species including some highly elusive and endangered animal species such as Royal Bengal Tiger and Siberian Crane. Lets have a look what these  wildlife sanctuaries have to offer to its clientele.

Ranthambore National Park 

Royal Bengal Tigers - Ranthambore National Park
Royal Bengal Tigers - Ranthambore National Park
Nestled at the junction of Aravali and Vindhya mountain ranges, Ranthambore National Park, spanning over an area of 320 square kilometers, is mainly visited for its large population of Bengal Tigers. Besides Royal Bengal Tigers, the park has more than 200 species of birds and various herbivorous, carnivorous and omnivorous animals. The park is dotted with steep rocky hills and a 10th century Ranthambore fort at a height of 700 meters above the sea level. The fort is home to three temples , built with red Karauali stones and dedicated to Shiva, Ganesha and Ramlalji.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary 

Siberian Crane - Keoladeo National Park
Siberian Crane at Keoladeo National Park
Emblazoned as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, also known as Keoladeo Ghana National Park, is named after an ancient Shiva temple located at the center of the park. It is an absolute heaven for bird watchers and ornithologists. The bird sanctuary is home to  more than 336 bird species, out of which 117 migrate from China and Siberia.

Cycle Safaris in the Keoladeo National Park
Cycle Safaris in the Keoladeo National Park
Palace on Wheels let you explore the Ranthambore National Park and the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in the first half of the 3rd and the 7th day sightseeing trip. This luxury train is a virtual five star hotel equipped with luxuriously designed guest cabins, multi cuisine restaurants, a lounge bar and well equipped spa.
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Major Cultural Events to Look forward to this February

India is a country of fairs and festivals, which occur all round the year. Here is a list of major cultural events to look forward to this February:

Maha Kumbh MelaWhat : Maha Kumbh Mela
When : January 14 to February 25, 2013
Where : Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

Why :The Maha Kumbh Mela, a spiritual fair is quite popular in the form of the largest gathering in the whole world for religious purpose. During this ancient northern Indian festival, millions of Hindu holy men and devotees gather to preach their faith and beliefs of their religion. Not only Indians, it is visited by a large number of foreign too.  Maha Kumbh Mela that takes place only once 12 years, this year it is taking place in Haridwar.

 India Art Fair
What : India Art Fair
When :
January 31 to February 3, 2013
Where :
New Delhi
Why :
This year it is going on in its 5th edition of the India Art Fair in Delhi and has brought together around 105 galleries from 24 countries showcasing works of around 1000 of  the famous as well as young artists from India as well as the world. The Fair has a assorted program, which includes a 3- day Speaker Forum, art projects, performances, book launches, curated Walks and an art bookstore.

Surajkund Crafts Mela What : Surajkund Crafts Mela
When :
February 1-14, 2013
Where :
Why :
At the on-going Surajkund Crafts Mela which is in its 27th year, you can witness the finest of handloom, handicrafts, as well as regional Indian cuisine. More than 400 artisans and craftsmen from all over the country are showcasing their extraordinary works. It also includes of numerous cultural programs, and an amusement zone. Like every year where a state in the form theme is picked.This year, the theme is Kerala, a South Indian state.

Shekhawati Festival
What : Shekhawati Festival
When :
February 7-10, 2013
Where :
New Delhi
Why :
Shekhawati Festival is the best time to visit the popular old painted havelis (mansions) of the Shekhawati region. This three-day festival is inclusive of jeep safaris, camel safaris, various kinds of competitions, organic farm visits, cultural programs and  other entertainment activities. The main purpose of this festival is to attract more and more number of tourists to this region.
Goa Carnival
What : Goa Carnival
When :
February 9-12, 2013
Where :
Panaji, Margao, Vasco and Mapusa in Goa 
Why :Started by the Portuguese rulers during the 18th century in the form of a local feast, the Goa Carnival, has now gained a lot of popularity as one of the main events of the state. At the time of the festival, the streets are filled with parades, music and dancers wearing masks. The festival concludes with the Red and Black Dance, a formal ball performed in Panaji with a color code of red and black.

Taj Mahotsav

What : Taj Mahotsav 
What :  February 18-27, 2013 
Where : Agra, Uttar Pradesh
 Why :Every year, the Taj Mahotsav takes place in Shilpgram Agra, near the eastern entry gate of the Taj Mahal. The prime focus of the festival to promote arts- crafts, culture, and recreation of the Mughal times. It also features a huge procession of elephants, camels and drummers. You can  even ride an elephant and enjoy camel rides too, kids can also play games and enjoy sumptuous dishes at the food festival. It is said that the venue is the place where the workers building Taj, used to live.
What :Pariyanampetta Pooram 
What : February  19, 2013
Where : Palakkad,Kerala
Why: The Pariyanampetta Pooram is celebrated on the last day of the seven- day festival at Pariyanampetta temple, Kattukulam, Palakkad district of Kerala. It includes a procession of 21 beautifully decorated elephants. This temple festival also features shadow puppetry in the evening and religious as well as folk arts.

Khajuraho Dance Festival
What : Khajuraho Dance Festival  
When :  February 20-26, 2013 
Where :  Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh
 Why :The Khajuraho Dance Festival takes place in Chitragupta Temple and Vishwanatha Temple (dedicated to Lord Shiva), Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh against the mesmerizing backdrop of the world-famous Khajuraho erotic temples. At this festival started  in 1975, one can  witness classical dance forms from all over the country. The performances are done in the Western group of temples.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival
What : Jaisalmer Desert Festival 
What : February 23-25, 2013 
Where : Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Why :If you want to witness the vibrancy of the dessert then Jaisalmer Dessert Fesitval is the best place to be. Enjoy various interesting events like camel rides, beautifully dressed performers, camel races, polo matches, turban tying and moustache competition, acrobatic performances, puppeteers, and many more. Relish the food of the region.
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