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Top Reasons to Stay at Homestays in India

The practice of homestays in India can be traced almost 5000 years back. In other words, this practice is deeply embedded in Indian civilization. Indians are ingrained with such a deep sense of hospitality because they firmly believe in the saying, “Athiti Devo Bhava”, which translates to, “guests are equivalent to God.”

One way of experiencing the true hospitality of the people and getting a close insight into the culture and lifestyle of India is opting for a homestay during your stay here. This brings with it several advantages, the most obvious one being the opportunity to learn about Indian culture and taste the lovely homemade food that the country is famous for. This blog tells you the 10 reasons to stay at homestays in India.

Acquaintance with the local people

One of the ways of getting acquainted with the customs and lifestyle of the Indian people is opting for a homestay. While the friendly nature of Indians is sure to win you over, communicating with them won’t be a problem because many Indians can speak English really well. Moreover, you are free to spend time at your own leisure and enjoy meals with the family or spend time chatting with them and learning about their culture and way of life.

Nothing beats homemade Indian food

In India, it’s very easy to land up with an upset stomach. However, homestays enable you to enjoy the various kinds of Indian cuisines which is enjoyed with the rest of the family. It should be noted that a large percentage of Indian are vegetarians and abstain from meat and other kinds of non-vegetarian food. However, the unavailability of meat is compensated for by the delicious home cooked vegetarian dishes.

Homestays comes with great security

If you are a female solo traveler, homestays are the best option to go for. This is because you will have a family to look after you who will make you feel welcome and ensure that your safety and security is their prime responsibility. This becomes all the more important when you happen to return home late after a day of sightseeing. Either the family will pick you up or provide a driver who will bring you back home safely.

Get acquainted with Indian culture

One of the main purposes behind your visit to India is the desire to learn about Indian culture and experience the lifestyle of the people. This is best done by opting for a homestay rather than a hotel. Doing so will enable you to gain an insight into the working and way of living of an Indian family. This is important because India is a deeply family oriented culture.

Unique personal experience 

Experiencing something unique is always great, and gives one something to talk about. Of course, following a fixed itinerary and staying in a hotel has its own advantages. However, what makes a homestay far attractive is the unique experience which it delivers. Homestays usually consist of a few rooms and is run by the family themselves. Whether it’s something as simple as sharing a cup of tea, spending hours chatting or learning about their way of life, these are personal experiences which come only with a homestay.

Take part in special activities 

Homestays are also great because they allow one to participate in activities which are both special and fascinating. Of these, the opportunity to take part in events and festivals depend on their occurrence coinciding with your visit. Other than that, visitors are offered the chance of going on a tour of the villages and temples and discovering the various natural beauty spots. You could also choose to help with cattle herding or pay a visit to the family spice plantation.

Witness the different faces of India 

Another advantage of homestays is that they allow you to witness India in its varied forms. This is because homestays include a diverse range of options, from a mud hut in a rural village to a historic haveli, from a fort to a modern luxury city house. This option is far better and interesting than going for a hotel, where the stay can often get monotonous.

Be armed with local knowledge

Most of all, staying with a family will allow you to interact with the locals, thereby helping you understand more clearly about a local area. Further, the family’s local connections, valuable tips and connections will enable you to make your trip smooth and hassle free. Further, your host will be happy to guide you around the area and experience the place like a local.

Get off the grid

Opting for a homestay in India allows you to stay in a residential area. This means being away and safe from the scams, harassments and troubles which tourists are constantly subjected to by touts and scammers. This mode of accommodation allows you to stay peacefully and make the most of your trip.

Learn a new language

It’s always exciting on a trip somewhere to learn the language of that place. A homestay also offers you an opportunity of learning the language of the place you are visiting. What is great is that your hosts can teach you enough to help you communicate with the locals.

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