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5 Best Parks in Delhi for Couples to Romance

Young and looking for a place to get cozy with your lover? Are you in Delhi? If answer to both these questions are yes then you need not look further. To our oversexed readers, we present a list of 5 best parks in Delhi for couples to romance. Keep in mind that the thoughts presented in this post are strictly our contributor's.

If you happen to be visiting Delhi from abroad, especially Europe or any of the 2 Americas, it is logically assumable that you are already shocked by the city’s cultural idiosyncrasies.

Yes, although a little difficult to digest, Delhi is a cultural hypocrite! She will impress and disgust you in equal measures.

Since the premise of this post is couples and PDA (Public Display of Affection) in Delhi, let’s just say public tolerance towards couples’ hormone laden gestures of expressing love and affection varies in congruence with Delhi’s multicolor demography.

To sum it all, it depends! Let us first understand the definition of PDA in context of the Indian psyche.

Defining PDA or Public Display of Affection w.r.t. An Indian Metropolitan
It’s pretty much the same as in the West, the only difference here is that even kissing/smooching/snogging is considered equally taboo.

Indians, particularly Delhiites, have a weak palate for absorbing love (read hormonally) crazed puppies trying to draw the world map on each other with their bare hands.

Delhiites can be particularly unforgiving if they catch you in the middle of “the act” and will not hesitate to give you a giant piece of their mind, all the while threatening to report the matter to one or both your parents.

So what do the average, desperate Delhi couples do to, well, “nurture the flower of love”? Easy sleazy, they visit any of the several notorious couples’ parks in Delhi and indulge in uninhibited, unabashed celebration of their emotions!

If you too have been looking for some places in Delhi for couples, you could not have landed at a better place! For readers’ convenience, the 5 parks have been presented as a countdown in ascending orfer of notoriety.

Buddha Garden or Buddha Jayanti Park, Ridge Road near Dhaula Kuan
Buddha Jayanti Park
Couples at Buddha Jayanti Park, Delhi
It’s nice, it’s lush green, it’s cozy, but it’s risky. And there’s a high chance you’ll end up being a mini-celebrity on YouTube, and not for the right reasons. Don’t get it? The Garden itself is well manicured, but after dark, it transforms into a hub for local goons, small time gamblers, drunkards and drug peddlers. If you happen to roam about during the day, you will easily spot a lot of couples hiding behind the bushes and doing the nasty!

Risk Quotient – Very High. If you are spared somehow by social discards, mind that the Delhi Police is a regular visitor and God save you if they catch you doing anything.

Nearest Metro  Station- Dhaula Kuan (Airport Express Line)

Garden of Five Senses, Ladu Sarai
Garden of Five Senses
Garden of Five Senses is one of favored places for romantic couples to get cozy
Could there be a more apt name? Famous for its secluded nooks and corners that offer plenty of privacy for lustlorn couples. Plenty of space, massive parking area. One of the safest bets when it comes to places in Delhi for couples, the park is thronged with families on weekends. Remember, there is no provision for drinking water and there is a reason the hilly area enclosed is out of bounds.

Risk Quotient – Low. There are security guards and policemen manning the Garden’s gates and it’s rather difficult to get caught!

Nearest Metro Station – Saket (Yellow Line)

Deer Park, Hauz Khas Village
Okay, Deer Park is not exactly your typical greens  with dense bushes behind which you can discreetly lay a wandering hand or two. Atypical to most parks in Delhi for couples, Deer park is often visited for ‘passive lovemaking’ – i.e. hand holding, romantic walks by the pond, the occasional kiss or two stolen in a fleeting moment.

The tattered Madarsa and the artistically ruined tomb of Firoz Shah Tughlaq provide for ideal premises for second base stuff. Best time to visit is in the afternoon, when most of Delhi is either working or sleeping.

Risk Quotient – Depends! If you’re only at the preliminary stages of your PDA marathon, nobody would bother; if you dare cross the minimum civility, you better watch out – there might be the odd Uncle lurking somewhere!

Nearest Metro Station – Hauz Khas (Yellow Line)

Millenium Indraprastha Park, Outer Ring Road, near Sarai kale Khan
The newest addition to the infamous list, yet spiraling up the notoriety charts – the  Indraprastha Millennium Park has a huge advantage for Delhi couples – that it’s huge, literally! All of the park’s massive 34 hectares are utilized optimally by lovebirds aching for some intimacy.

It is NOT uncommon to see couples going the whole way, discreet as they are. In fact, after Connaught Place, the Millennium Park has emerged as the next favorite rendezvous point for homosexuals.

Risk Quotient – It’s all luck here. Of late, policemen have started conducting impromptu raids, but that’s only after dark. In a nutshell, leave before you’re asked to leave!

Nearest Metro Station – Indraprastha

Lodhi Garden, Lodi Road
If ever there is a search for the sacred abode of lust infused lovebirds, I’m pretty sure it would end bang in the middle of Lodhi Garden. What started as the ideal family place – with its parks, morning walk pavements and heritage structures – is today the implied choice of Delhi couples who just need a place – any place – to satiate their carnal instincts.

The best thing about Lodhi Garden is that even if someone sees his weirdly placed hand or the odd posture she is sitting in, nobody cares!!! They don’t want to know the what’s and the why’s of your deed. Expect the odd shake of head in disapproval from the elderly. However, there is a high chance someone’s watching the free show from a position that would put most snipers to shame.

Risk Quotient – Almost Zero! They don’t see you; if they see you, they don’t care about you. You’re better off watching for Peeping  Toms – there are plenty of them!

Nearest Metro Station – Khan Market

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  1. Lodi garden...yeah... I went to lodi garden with my mom the last time I ve visited delhi n we were just wondered y this much horny bf/gf r there!!! of course we didn't know abt its speciality :))) lol... my bf is a delhitie n maybe id like to go there with him next time ill visit india :D
    thx for ur cool blog :)


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