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Planning for Monsoon Holidays in India

Wondering which are the best places to visit in India in monsoon and how to plan for it? Well here we are once again!

Mawsynram near Shillong in Meghalaya
Mawsynramin Meghalaya is India's wettest place with highest precipitation and where else but to enjoy the monsoon at its peak than the place with highest recorded rainfall in the world
As the first showers of the rains lash the country and announce the arrival of the monsoons, many places wipe summer’s dust and grime and don a lush green look.

The southwest summer monsoon, a four-month period when massive convective thunderstorms dominate India's weather, is earth's most productive wet season.

Monsoon time can be a great time to visit India as tourist attractions aren't crowded, airfares can be cheaper, and bargain rates are up for grabs at hotels throughout the country.

Travel in India during monsoon season could be a blessing for the budget conscious travelers; monsoon tourism could be cheap when it comes to air fare, and hotel booking.

Most of the popular monsoon holiday destinations well contacted to the flights and Indian road ways. Further, monsoon also allows you to behold a different facet of India, where nature comes alive in a medley of lush greenery, cool breeze, vigor of landscape and pervading joy.

Where to go for monsoon holidays in India

The best suited destinations for travel and tourism point of view during the monsoon include the desert state of Rajasthan especially Udaipur. Dubbed the "Venice of East" and sprinkled with lakes, monsoon is the time when Udaipur is at its verdant best with lakes brimming rejuvenated with the rainfall.

Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur
As if floating on the turquoise water of Lake Pichola, Taj Lake Palace is voted the most romantic hotel in India
For honeymooners or those looking for tranquility and seclusion along with rejuvenation and healing, Taj Lake Palace is the place to be if one doesn't minds splurging.

The Deccan Plateau on the eastern side of the Western Ghats mountain range which includes “god’s own country” Kerala (famous for its beaches, backwaters, wildlife and Ayurveda) and Tamil Nadu and Ladakh in far north India.

Stongdey Village, Zanskar, Ladakh
Ladakh is one of the best summer destinations in India that could be visited during monsoon
Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir and Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh which have a very low to negligible precipitation rate are 2 most awesome destinations to visit in India in monsoon especially in July and August.

The barren landscape, ancient Buddhist population and stunning scenery and a number of high altitude lakes and trekking ops make these two destinations the best in North India during monsoon.

Lonavala and Khandala in Mumbai are also great places to visit in India in monsoon. The magical landscape and floating cloud shroud these popular weekend getaways from Mumbai and Pune into an ethereal garb. Then there are a lot of things to do near here including nature trails and visits to old forts.

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Lonavala during Monsoon
The verdant beauty of Lonavala is at its best during monsoon
Goa is also a haven for tourists looking forward to rewarding monsoon holidays in India during monsoon. With the throw away prices and less touristy crowd, head to Goa to enjoy its spirit of sussegado and to explore its rich heritage and enjoy its vibrant nightlife without getting stuch in crowd.
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Monsoon in Goa
Goa is one of the best places to be at monsoon if you want less crowd and best bargains on hotels
Draped along the Vindhya Hill Ranges at an altitude of 2200 Feet, Mandu is yet another of the places to visit during the monsoon. One of the hidden attractions from tourism point of view located in Madhya Pradesh,the true splendor of Mandu manifest during monsoon

The surrounding landscape drenched in rain take on a cloak of fascinating emerald, the gentle breeze laden with nostalgia soothes your soul and hovering clouds conjures up a mystical ambiance around this place.

Mandu during monsoon
Mandu in Madhya Pradesh becomes a picturesque paradise with the arrival of monsoon in the state
Mandu used to be the pleasure resort during Mughal period and is ingrained in Indian romance for the legendary love story of Baz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati.

Thanks to its lakes, palaces, natural splendor and the romance associated with this place since antiquity, it is one of the best monsoon destinations in India.

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Packing for monsoon holidays in India
  • Heavy monsoon cause of flood and it could be affect on the transport system. Floods on the train tracks and road might affect the service
  • Sometimes, rarely flight may get cancelled or delayed too so always have some time in your hand while planning for your next halt
  • Don’t forget to pack up heavy duty umbrellas
  • Always carry a raincoat
  • Waterproof bag/backpack so that whatever you’re carrying is safe from rain
  • Carry mosquito repellant and/or mosquito net as mosquitoes are ubiquitous during monsoon
  • Wear suitable wet weather shoes among others
Booking hotels during monsoon holidays in India

Monsoon holidays in India are a blessing especially for budget travelers when it comes to book their accommodation in hotels in India. Since it’s mostly off season when it comes to domestic casual tourists, hotels are seldom fully booked in advance.

To attract travelers, most of the hotels in India offer generous discounts to those coming for extended stay during the monsoon holidays in India. Accommodations are normally available in all categories of hotels to suit every budget of the traveler.

India in the monsoons is a rhapsody for economy, landscape, environment, wildlife and yes travelers looking forward to explore this incredible country to get a glimpse of the unique hue percolating the landscapes and general mood of the people of this country.

If planned and executed with consideration, monsoon holidays in India offer one of the most fascinating and comprehensive vacations and travel inspirations in India with an additional advantage of the absence of the ubiquitous throngs of casual tourists.

And for a fussy traveler it does makes sense as it brings out the vibrant hue of the countryside and scenery, settles the dust and the grime and last but not the least generous discounts which is offered for accommodation in hotels throughout India.

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