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Best Places to Visit in India in January

January will be the best time to explore the various tourist destinations of India, as you are exempted from the scorching heat. The onset of winter season brings forward a large number of tourists in the country. You should take advantage of the favorable climate that lasts for a short period of time and plan out a holiday to celebrate your new year in India. Here are some of the best places for you to visit during the month of January:

Daman & Diu

Daman & Diu

The twin islands of Daman and Dui is the second smallest union territory in India, located on the west coast. It is culturally and historically rich and that can be reflected through the old forts, temples and churches scattered around these cities. Having been colonized by the Portuguese for about 450 years, the area still dwells under the colonial architecture. 

The other factor that attracts the visitors is the pristine white sandy beaches, offering a tranquil view. It remains pleasant during the winters, making the water activities more enjoyable. One of the most overwhelming experience in the peak of the winter season will be to witness the exotic migratory birds entering the islands, which makes the place vibrant and attractive.  

Rann of Kutch

Rann of Kutch,Gujarat

Rann of Kutch is situated in the Thar Desert, Gujarat and is considered as the world’s largest salt desert, but it is seasonal. It remains underwater during the monsoon and becomes dry during winter and summer. The region is home to various tribes, each with their own customs and traditions and that is what appeals to visitors. Each year the Gujarat Government organizes a famous festival of “Rann Utsav” promoting exposure for this part of the state. 

It is an elaborate celebration that lasts for months, here are greeted with friendly faces and offered a close view of their lifestyle, through cultural performances and activities. Almost all the festivals are celebrated during the winter season, January would be a perfect time to visit.



India’s first planned city, Jaipur is the center of the Rajasthan’s culture and heritage. It is one of the top tourist destinations in India, alluring visitors with its spectacular fortifications and colorful bazaars  (markets). The best time to visit Jaipur would be in between the months of October - March, at this time the temperature cools down and allows an enjoyable sightseeing experience. 

The vibrant nature of the city can be observed through the festivals that are celebrated in a grand scale, mostly during the winter season. The fairs and festivals are exotic, the common ones are: Teej festival, Kite festival, Camel festival and more. You will never run out of thing to do or places to visit, when in Jaipur. It offers a great number of options to explore, you can visit the City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort, Lakshmi Narayan Temple and many more. You can also have a wildlife experience through the National Parks and Sanctuaries located in and around Jaipur.

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The landscape of the state of Mizoram is mostly of hills and valleys. Phawngpui (Blue Mountain)Peak is the highest mountain peak in the area and is greatly valued by the locals, it is considered to be the abode of the Gods. Located on the southeastern side of Mizoram and is fairly close to Burma. Phawngpui offers a platform for adventure activities like trekking, nature walks and more. 

The view it offers of the exotic flowers along the way is simply breathtaking against the backdrop of the blue hazed hills. This area is gifted with the beauty of nature, there is a beautiful waterfall nearby and on top of the hill you are greeted by numerous colorful butterflies and the panoramic view of Mizoram is enchanting. One of the main feature of the peak is that is home to exotic wildlife, the National Park is one among the two parks in the state.

Chadar Trek

Chadar Trek,Ladhak
One of the exclusive expeditions offered in India is the Chadar Trek, that takes place only during the winter season. ”Chadar” means blanket and is used to imply to the trek along the frozen River called Zanskar, one of the largest rivers in Ladakh. The trek route connects Chilling with the Zanskar valley, this path has been used for transportation and trade purposes for centuries. 

However, the main challenge you face in the trek is that of the temperature, it has the capacity to drop to -35. The landscape at certain points will leave you speechless, you come across some ancient monasteries and isolated villages of the Indus valley. The famous Spithup’s monastery festival is a must visit that gives you a close view of the local culture. The trek is unique and exciting and at the end of it, you get a sense of fulfillment.

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Golden Temple,Amritsar

The city is located in the Northern part of the country and is home to the sacred Golden Temple. It holds a great significance, both spiritually and culturally among the Sikhs and attracts many visitors from all over the globe. 

The peaceful and humble air within the temple is totally opposite of the chaotic and noisy market, right outside. Amritsar is known for its rich cuisine and friendly people, it also carries much importance in the Indian freedom struggle. The best time to visit Amritsar is during the winters, the temperature favors you an enjoyable sightseeing experience.

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Nagarhole National Park,Kabini

The Kabini River, runs along the Nagarhole National Park and offers an amazing backwater experience. It is originated in the Wayanad District of Kerala and flows eastward to join the Kaveri River, Karnataka and empties into the Bay of Bengal. This location is perfect for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Get ready to have a fun loaded trip to Kabini; safari, backwaters, food, sightseeing and more. 

If you want a peaceful holiday, you can simply indulge in some lighter activities like nature walks, bird watching and studying the local villagers. Kabini trip is sure to flush out all the monotony of your city life with its tranquil atmosphere. During the winter season,the temperature goes down and refreshes the place.


Mangi-Tungi Fort
Mangi-Tungi Fort in Nashik
A very blessed place, Nasik is historically rich with numerous temples and forts; the location offers a great view of the ranges; and the agricultural yields in fruits and some vegetables are the highest in the country. 

It is considered as one of the holiest places for Hindus and attracts a large number of visitors. Today, Nasik is home to several industries and holds some important government offices, it is a perfect mixture of old and new. Winter seasons are the best time to explore Nasik as the climate remains pleasant at the time.


Goa Beach
The beach capital of India, Goa has a number of surprises on hold for you. The scenic view and tranquility of the beaches are contradicted by the vibrant parties along it and the rare culture of the place is very appealing. Goa, once colonized by the Portuguese, can be reflected in their architecture, faith and cuisine. 

There are many imposing forts and ancient churches in and around the place. You can gain a refreshing experiencing by just relaxing  on the beaches with a drink and indulging in the fine cuisine. You can try out the various water activities and enjoy the happening parties for a more exciting experience. Goa has much to offer you, and the most recommended time to visit is during the month of December to February. The Christmas and New year celebrations are grand in Goa.



The state of Nagaland is located in the North - East part of the country , bordering several states and Burma is divided by a natural barrier. The tribal people, Nagas are considered to be very hospitable and friendly. The history of the Nagas is mysteriously interesting, though most of them have now become Christians, they hold on to their culture and some ancient traditions. 

The place is hilly with a suitable climate, Nagaland is not on the top ten list for visiting as it has very less to offer. However, during the Hornbill Festival, held during the winter season a wide range of tourists visit at this time. You can witness the vibrant culture of the different tribes.

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