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6 Tips for Smart Business Travel

We all think that the jet setter business traveler has all the fun in the world. With reimbursements for every expense and the opportunity to explore the globe but there is a darker side to this as well. The endless immigration queues, sore shoulders from carrying your baggage around, jet lag, missing family moments, bad weather, turbulence, lousy fellow passengers, car rentals, bookings, delays, airplane food and ask any other business traveler and they will give you a longer list. 

Tips for Smart Business Travel

So now that we have established that it isn’t all as glamorous as it seems, the question arises how to make your travel life a little more tolerable. Time is money in business and there saving time during travel is of utmost importance. Another important issue is to save energy of one and direct where it is best needed and not on the flight - the actual business you came for.

Stay packed 
Chances are if you are a frequent flier then your next flight is just around the corner. To tackle last minute packing always keeps your essentially packed. A small toiletries bag that you shouldn’t touch unless travelling and a few staple clothes like pajamas.  This way you can be ready to catch your flight at a moment’s notice.

Be productive
Many travelers have the mindset that work will start once you get to your destination. Sticking to the concept of saving time, use air time to get work done such as reading documents, forming replies to emails or simply educating one.  Use the time to learn about your destination from the locals or fellow passengers and network to gain contacts.

Pack light
This applies to every traveler regardless whether they are on a business trip or not. This has become a golden rule for those travelling by air as to avoid the lengthy baggage queues and possible lost baggage. This will also give you more mobility to maneuver between flights to catch connections. The trick is to keep a few staple items in dark colors and have a few accessorizing items to go with them. Also girls limit yourself to only two pairs of shoes and that includes the ones you are wearing.

Be polite
Be polite and courteous to the people you come in contact with as it will take you a long way. You will be more likely to get an upgrade when you are cheery and smiling at the attendant rather than being grumpy. Pay genuine compliments and always remember that they are there to help you and have no hidden agenda.
Dress smart
It is very understandable that you want to be comfortable on you long haul flights but that is no excuse to be dressed up like you are at home. It is very important to remember you are in public and not your home and never rule out the possibility of having to go straight into your meeting from the flight.

Check home
It is very easy to forget the family back home or at least the ones home feel neglected but the key here is communication. Use Skype and face time to regularly talk to your loved ones and see how they are doing. Chances are you will have more quality talk with them over Skype then you need at home (one word: teenagers) so avail this opportunity. 

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