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Gatimaan Express Luxury Train - From Delhi To Agra in 100 Minutes

India’s high-speed luxury train, Gatimaan Express has made its inaugural journey. The lavish ride runs from New Delhi to Agra. The Honorable Union Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu, flagged off the first ride today.

The launch of the train heralds a new era of high-speed rail travel in India. Though a far call from bullet trains, it is the fastest train in India, with a maximum speed of 160 km per hour. The best aspect of the train is its deluxe features and facilities, inspired from the series of ‘Palace on Wheels’ luxury trains in India. The train has made it possible to enjoy a luxurious day trip to Agra possible.

Gatimaan Express - Travel Time

The train will cover the 192-km distance between Delhi and Agra in all of 100 minutes. The train achieves the maximum speed of 160 km/ hr.

Amazing interiors of Gatimaan Express will make you go crazy

The Gatimaan service will be running on all days of the week, except Friday, the day Taj Mahal remains closed. The train starts from Nizamuddin station at 8.10 am and reaching Agra Cantt at 9.50 am. The return journey of the train will start from Agra at 5.50 pm and reach Nizamuddin station at 7.30 pm.

Gatimaan Express - Technology

Made by the Rail Coach Factory in Kapurthala, the Gatimaan Express boasts of some of the best technology for locomotives. The train runs on a WAP5 electrical engine of 1500 Horse Power. It is the best in-class loco produced so far by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works and Linke Hofmann Busch coaches.

Gatimaan Express - Technology

Most of the locomotive and the coaches are the same as used in Shatabdi Express, though several changes in the track and the signaling system have been made. One of the reasons behind the Gatimaan’s higher speed is that Northern Railways has worked to cut down more than 80 obstacle points on the Delhi-Agra route. Sharp turns, bridges, crossings and yards have been lessened. Also tracks have been tilted for the smoother and faster run of the train.

Gatimaan Express - Menu of Gastronomy Served

The Gatimaan Express, owing to IRCTC is set to provide culinary delights. Different from other regular passenger trains in the country, the catering is unique and a new sign of luxury. The hostesses will be serving both Indian and continental cuisine. Imagine, Chicken Sausages with Spanish Omelette, plus slices of Date Walnut Cake. If you are on the calorie-conscious band, you can opt for the Whole-Wheat Upma, Kanjeevaram Idli, or Freshly Cut Fruits.

Gatimaan Express - Menu of Gastronomy Served

Indulgent flavors of India are presented in delights of Aloo Kulcha, Mini Dosa, Chicken Roll and Swiss Roll are also on the menu. And the icing on the cake, everything will be served in Bone China. It is quite the gastronomical journey.

Gatimaan Express Entertainment

Gatimaan Express also provides free on-board entertainment by a private provider, MyFreeTv.in. There is an 8 inch LED Screen at the back of every seat. These screens are planned to be powered by satellite television and will broadcast live-feed. Passengers can also entertain themselves with videos during the travel on their smartphone, tablets or laptops even without internet connection through Wi-Fi.

Gatimaan Express Entertainment

Gatimaan Express Fare

The Gatimaan Express train comprises two executive AC chair cars and eight AC chair car coaches. The train will run with 10 coaches, including eight air-conditioned chair car (AC CC) coaches and two executive class bogies, with a total of 715 seats. The fare for an AC chair car seat is set at 750 INR and that for an executive AC chair car seat at 1,500 INR.

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