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10 Packing Tips for Traveling in India

When you are travelling to India, it is better to be prepared and pack-well. India is a developing country and has conservative dressing standards. There it is very important that you should carry all essentials and bring appropriate clothes apart from all the necessary documents. Following are 10 packing tips for traveling in India:

Tips for Packing for Traveling in India
Tips for packing for traveling in India. Photo courtesy amillionlives.net

1. Luggage
Your itinerary will decide the type of luggage which is suitable for your travel to India. If there is not much of walking around and you are planning to visit the main cities, you can carry a suitcase. On the other hand, if you trip is going to include a lot of walking then it is better that you opt for a backpack to keep the burden levels low.

2. Money
You must be aware that Indian currency is highly regulated and you cannot get your hands on it outside India, thus it would be better if you carry some currency for exchanging it for Indian rupees once you reach Indian airport. All major credit cards are accepted in all the main cities.

ATM machines are installed in major cities as well as small towns. At most of the tourist attractions, one can pay entry fee in US dollars, so you can carry US currency in small denominations. One of the best ways to solve the dilemma of money transaction is to keep ATM card ready and withdraw money from ATMs which are now omnipresent in India.

Carrying lesser money is advisable as you travel to avoid theft and loss.

3. Clothing
India is a conservative country as far dressing is concerned. There are a lot of international tourists who buy clothes after they land in India so that they can mingle with local dressing styles and also because they find clothes affordably priced.

Although metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai have turned quite westernized but the smaller towns and villages are still conservative. However, one should avoid wearing short dresses. When at any religious site, men and women should keep their legs, heads and shoulders covered.

4. Personal care stuff
You must pack shampoo, conditioner, razors, moisturizers, deodorant, soap or any other important products of your favorite brands as they might not be readily available. You might also have to search for roll-on antiperspirant or mosquito repellent of your preferred brand if you are out of any major city.

5. Medicine
Medicines for most of the ailments with same active ingredients are available in India but searching out the counterpart brand name can be quite a task. It is always advisable to pack the required amount of medicines which you really need on a daily basis. Medicines for common issues like a stomach ache, common cold, or a headache are readily available at the pharmacies.

6. Shoes
A wide of shoes are easily available in India at extremely affordable rates. You can get every world brand here. There is a whole range of designs and colors in the markets.

However, if you have any preferred brand, you must pack it. It is important that pack a comfortable and sturdy pair of walking shoes, sandals or sneakers. For night dinners and parties, you can pack a formal pair.

7. Other useful stuff
You can also pack other useful stuff such as anti-bacterial hand wipes, a padlock and chain, a torch that can come handy in important situations. You can also pack a voltage converter and plug adaptor as such plugs come in different sizes and shapes. Carrying a voltage convertor can also prove to be handy.

8. India Language Book
Carrying a language book can prove to be quite helpful while traveling in India. Hindi is most widely spoken language. You can learn some useful phrases like Namaste, Kitna Hua and more that may prove to be helpful. However, now English is also widely spoken in India.

9. India Guide Book
When you are planning your itinerary or once you get within India, an India travel book can prove to be a helpful option. You do not only gain useful information about the cities and their attractions, you also get tips on food, good sites and even more. Roaming around in a fast country like India can be a challenge and a travel guide can really help you out.

10. Travel Journal
India is a huge country where you will spend an unforgettable vacation. You are going to find, to see, to witness, to observe, to relish, to savor, to remember and do much more in India, which you might actually forget once you get back home.

Do not forget to pack a specially designed travel journal so that you can keep a track of the sights, the sounds and the experiences of India.

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