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Train Food Parcel: Eating on Indian Railways

We all use Indian Railways for long haul in India. Traveling in train in India provides a unique and thrilling experience unless when you don’t think about food. You miss it terribly especially when you are going for a long journey. You crave for the warm, fresh, homely food. Now you can get this food even if you are traveling by train. Train food parcel facility on Indian Railways is just like your home food.
train food parcel by travel khana
Train food parcel by Travel Khana
 It is simple, healthy and delicious. It is hygienic and they follow the strict rules of health departments. Now you don’t need to worry about train food and don’t need to pack your food from home and carry an extra luggage with you. It doesn’t matters the place you are travelling. Let it be south, north, and east or west, you will get fresh, aromatic vegetable thali.

Train parcel food made the journey very convenient and comfortable. You can place the order by making a call. These companies will take single as well as bulk orders. The thali parcel includes dry vegetarian, seasonal gravy, plain roti, plain rice etc. This is just an example, there are so many varieties and options that you can choose from. 

The price is reasonable and the quality is well appreciative. It is not only about the food, the packaging is also taken care of to maintain the quality and hygiene of the food. The material used for packing is of superior quality so that food doesn’t leak or get spoiled.

train food parcel Indian Railways
A Wide variety of cuisines are offered on Indian Railways by Travelkhana train food parcel
With train parcel food, travelers get to eat healthy food and they won’t be wasting their money on unhealthy and unhygienic food available in pantry car. People often make so many complaints about the quality of train pantry food but qualitative changes are still lacking in Indian Railways in house pantry car attached with express trains.
Now there is no need to depend on the pantry car or unlicensed hawkers. No more spending money on unhealthy food to fall sick. It is very important to get good quality food especially if you are traveling. You cannot afford to fall sick because it will ruin your entire plan. 

If you are going for an interview or for any function you just can’t fall sick and spoil the entire plan and that is why it is very important to know what food you take inside. You should make extra care of it be clean and fresh.

It is better not to depend on food that is available in train. You can hear horrible stories from other travelers. It was on the news that they even found rat in the food. They didn’t take any action against it and it always put traveler’s health at risk. It is very good that this kind of system has started.

Pantry of Indian Railways Train
Pantry of Indian Railways Train

With new system it might be a learning lesson for them and they learn their lesson and consider this matter more seriously. Train parcel food is really the choice of travelers who are conscious of their health and diet. They can maintain their diet even when they are traveling. From the vast menu there is something that suites the taste of everyone.
Now at least passengers can make wise choice and be happy by knowing that they are spending money for good quality food.

About the author: Jatin Batra writes for travelkhana.com. Travel Khana offers Train Parcel Food at various stations of Indian Railways. You can order hygienic and quality food and select from an array of cuisines from the wide menu of Travelkhana.com.