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Jaisalmer: The Golden City

Jaisalmer Fort

The golden city, Jaisalmer, is in the state of Rajasthan, situated on the western frontier of India. The city has close proximity to Pakistan and Thar Desert. For an unforgettable experience, one should enjoy Desert Safari in the sand dunes. The Jaisalmer Fort is one of the major attractions; therefore, this fort is different from other Indian forts. The main difference is that Fort of Jaisalmer is a living fort as there are hotels, shops, ancient havelis, etc.


Panorama of Jaisalmer

The position of Jaisalmer, founded in the year 1156, between Central Asia and India, on the camel-train routes, earned huge wealth to the city. The locals and merchants of the city built various magnificent mansions and houses, making use of carvings made of sandstone and wood.

The Rajput Jauhar in the 13th century made Jaisalmer experience sieges and sackings, thus, prevented huge harm from the Mughals. In the 17th century, due to cordial relationship with Delhi, Jaisalmer witnessed another golden age, and more of palaces and havelis were built during this time.

Culture & Cuisines:

Men in traditional dress celebrating Jaisalmer Desert Festival
Rich by cultural ethnicity and tradition, the Jaisalmer city is acknowledged all around the globe. The culture of the city has made great contribution to the rich culture of the Rajputs. The various facets like heroism, staunchness, and gallantry has also made the part of rich culture of Jaisalmer. Thus, there is clear reflection of the cultural exuberance in the cuisines, lifestyle, dance and music. Adding life to the culture of Jaisalmer, the feats, festivals and fairs also play an important role.

The succulent and boneless strips of chicken, murgh-e-subz is stir-fried with shredded vegetables. This delicacy is simply not to be missed. Or else, you may taste ker sangria, a delicacy made of capers and desert beans. Ker sangria is very popular in the regions of Jaisalmer where meat was found in very low quantity. In case, you have a substantial appetite, you can order tandoor thali, which comprises of two chicken preparations, vegetable kebab, mint sauce, and naan. Kadi pakorao, dumplings made of flour cooked in sauce of yogurt, or bhanon aloo, mint paste stuffed potatoes and simmered in gravy, are some of the other specialties of Jaisalmer.


The craftsmanship of Jaisalmer is praiseworthy. The exquisite pieces of traditional silver jewelries, decorated leather products, printing works, fine and delicate embroidery work, etc., are some of the specialty of Jaisalmer when it comes to handicrafts. The traditional crafts of Jaisalmer reflect the essentials of people, festivals, and culture along with legacy of the ancient era.

Tourist Attractions:

Lodurva, Jain Tample
Jaisalmer is praised for being of the major tourist attractions in India. One can take pleasure in excursion to Desert Cultural Center, Jain Temples, Tazia Tower, Gadsisar Lake, and Jaisalmer Fort. The Havelis like Patwon Ki Haveli, Nathmal Ji Ki Haveli, and Salim Ji Ki Haveli, are worth visiting. The place is also admired by adventure seekers for amazing Camel Safari and Jeep Safari. Part from visiting attractions in Jaisalmer, one could also enjoy attractions around Jaisalmer like Lodurva, Bada Bagh, Phalodi Travel, Khuri Sand Dunes, Amar Sagar Lake, Wood Fossil Park, Sam Sand Dunes, Mool Sagar, Desert National Park, and many more.

Best Time to Visit:

During the months from October to March, it is considered ideal time for visiting Jaisalmer. Apart from this, the city bustles with tourists across the year.

How to Reach

Jaisalmer, nestled in the core of Rajasthan, is one of the major attractions of India drawing tourists from every nook and corner of the globe. The place is well-connected with different modes of transportations like airways, roadways and railways.

•    Airways: Jaisalmer does not have any airport. The nearest airport is Jodhpur Airport, 300 Km away. Jodhpur is connected to different metro cities via government or private airlines. As per your preference, you may hire cab or opt for train journey.

•    Railways: Jasialmer has its own railway station, with direct trains from various regions of India. You may also reach Jaisalmer through the Palace on Wheels train.

•    Roadways: The well-maintained roads make the connectivity of Jaisalmer to different regions of the state easy and convenient. There are Deluxe as well as ordinary buses   and also private buses that are functional from Jaisalmer to Jaipur, Jodhpur, Mount Abu, Barmer, Ahemdabad, Bikaner, Jalore, etc.

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