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10 Tips on How to keep home safe while traveling

If only a picture like this could work to keep your home safe while traveling you'd need not worry but alas it doesn't.

How to keep your home safe
Unfortunately messages like these don't work so how do you keep your home safe while traveling
So how do you keep your home safe while traveling? Here's our 10 tips to keep your home safe while traveling. Read on and hey don't forget to get that travel insurance, it's important ...

Let your neighbors know
This is based on the assumption that you have a friendly neighbor like I do. Inform that to keep an eye on your house in your absence and report to police and you if they find anything amiss.

Lock all doors and windows
This is basic and obvious and sometimes people do forget to look that back door or a window or two which are so inviting to burglars. Double check all your doors and windows and move your valuables or gadgets away from windows.

Switch it off
Switch off any electrical appliance that could inflate your electricity bills. ACs, refrigerators, geysers television and all other appliances must be switched off before you leave the house. 

Always remember that even if you use Havell's swithces, there might be a chance that they could catch fire surely fire up your electricity bill.

Hire someone to house-sit
This is something I have done so many times during my childhood days. When our neighbors used to go out for extended breaks, they use to call on us to house sit (mostly spend the night which is the most vulnerable hour for theft and burglary).

House sitting is the most potent way to keep your house safe while traveling especially if the sitter is your neighbor or trustworthy acquaintance.

Remove your spare key
We all use to keep a key somewhere hidden to allow our friends or relatives to check in our absence. The place could be the doormat, a flowerpot, windowpanes or somewhere down the lawn. Not leaving a spare key is a must to keep your house safe while traveling.

Spare Keys
You Should always remove your spare keys while traveling to keep your house safe
Inform newspaper delivery guy
Tell your newspaper man not to deliver the paper when you are on an extended leave. The heaps of unread newspaper are inviting signals for the eyes of thieves and burglars.

Let the milkman know
I India, most people are home-delivered milk by their milkman every day. Do tell them to stop the delivery or it could both be a signal that you are away and add to your monthly bills.

Lock the lockers
Keep your valuables like cash and jewelry locked inside a locker or better in a safety locker room of a bank.

Turn off alarm clocks and telephone
Don’t forget to turn off any alarm clocks you might have so that they don’t end up alarming burglars about your absence.

Also lower the tone of your landline phone so that they do not gather attention of the passersby should anyone tries to contact you in your absence.

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