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Traveling in India With Children - Just The Do’s

It can  be really tricky, traveling in India with children, that is. Considering ours is a country with  1.1 billion human souls, one can never be too careful when dealing with the human avalanche most metro cities are. Especially if you’re visiting from abroad the list of Do’s when traveling with children in India below should help you survive an Indian tour, unscathed!

Traveling With Children
Traveling With Children

1 - Always over pack. Yes, you’re not a backpacker braving a 20 day beach tours in India with bare essentials stuffed in a 15 pound backpack. Now that you have a family to account for, understand you can never have too many diapers, your  kids’ favorite chocolate or that X-Box they plan to play in your hotel rooms. It’s like you are moving house, every time!

2 - Keep ‘em leashed. I hate to admit it, but loosing your kids in a sea of people in India is easier than you think. Especially if your kids are young. So when traveling in crowded spaces, say a railway station or even a popular McDonald’s, hold hands or carry them in arms or even handcuff them together. Just don’t lose them.

3 - Keep your travel time minimum. It doesn't mean that you won't be able to explore sprawling forts in Jaipur. It's just that kids usually get sick during journeys, mostly due to motion sickness. Therefore, keep the travel part during your tours to a minimum. For longer distances, book domestic flights. Even for short distances, avoid public transport and hire private cabs. Your hotel will do the same for you.

Stick to the Dos listed above and you will still have fun!


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