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India Luxury Tours: Here’s the List of options to Choose and Experience to Savor

One of the most exotic tourist destinations on the world tourism map, India is visited by millions of tourists every year to see and explore the colorful culture and picturesque beauty of this  country. The country is apt for both backpackers and family vacations. Some of the destinations have a cosmopolitan ambience to offer to the guests. While most overseas travelers show interest in the history, art and culture of India, others are attracted by the breathtaking beauty of sandy beaches and palm-fringed backwaters. Of late, India luxury tours are gaining drive among the foreign travelers.

The word luxury in itself defines as traveling with comforts. Mentioned below are the options which offer all the comforts of a luxury travel.

Heritage Hotels

Heritage Hotels
Heritage Hotels in India
In India, the concept of heritage hotels originated after independence. Post independence, many kings converted their ancestral property into heritage hotels as it was quite difficult to for them to conserve the legacy  of their forefathers. For overseas travelers looking forward to staying in a heritage hotel, Rajasthan is indeed a perfect option. The state was home to several princely states before independence and offers a chance to experience the royal  lifestyle of the kings.

Indian Luxury Trains

Luxury Train
Luxury Train Travel in India
Unlike the west, the concept of luxury train traveling started quite late in India. But today it is a major driver of growth in the Indian tourism sector.At present, there are six luxury trains running in India- Palace on Wheels, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Indian Maharaja, Golden Chariot, Deccan Odyssey and Maharajas’ Express. The most prominent name in the list is Palace on Wheels. Launched  in 1982, the train is a joint venture of Rajasthan Tourism and Development Corporation (RTDC) and the Indian Railways. Maharajas’ Express, launched in 2010, marks the crescendo of this luxury tourist train in India.

Luxury River Cruises 

Luxury River Cruises, india
Luxury River Cruises in india
Luxury river cruises in India offer a spectacular opportunity to witness the exquisite marine life and astounding geography of India in an ambience packed with modern comforts. There are three popular cruise trips offered in India- Heritage Ganga River Cruise, Brahmaputra River Cruise, Sunderbans Luxury Cruise and Vrinda Luxury Backwater Cruise. Goa is a popular destination for river cruises, mostly done on the Mandovi river. You can  either relish a sunrise cruise or enjoy the golden beauty of the sunset cruise. There is also a full moon cruise which is ideal for honeymooners.

Some Experiences That You Can Savor 
  • While staying at a heritage hotel, you can relish delicacies straightaway drawn from the royal kitchens of erstwhile Indian monarchs. A royal Thali usually consists of five dishes in a small bowl, which are served on a big steel Thali with salads & pickles. 
  • The itineraries of a luxury train have various exclusive insider experiences store for each day. For example, the Indian Splendor itinerary of Maharajas’ Express train includes a lunch meeting with the royal family of Balasinor. 
  • In river cruises such as Vrinda Luxury Backwater Cruise, you can take delight in Classical “Kathakali” and  “Mohiniattam” dance performances.