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An Introduction to Luxury Travel on a Budget

India is a perfect holiday destination with excellent level of diversity in the terms of geography, cuisine, monuments, culture, religion and tradition. It has to offer something or the other to the varied interests of all sorts of travelers. If you are one of those who wants to visit India but at affordable rates then here is an introduction to luxury travel on a budget:

•  India has numerous destinations that are worth a visit. Instead of picking popular destinations such as Goa, Kerala Delhi, Agra, try to pick offbeat destinations, which might not be the most-visited but are definitely worth visiting. Do some good online search for this.

•  The best time to visit is during the off-season where you might get huge discounts for all kinds of bookings. Once you round off on the destination, try  to search as many online packages as you can. You will surely come across a great bargain. 

•  While booking the flight ticket, book it in the economy class. You can enjoy impeccable services here too.

•  Try to make a group booking as while one book for a large group of people, he is offered discounted rates on almost everything.

•  Try to choose your hotel wisely. To enjoy a luxurious holiday, booking in a five-star category hotel is not necessary. There are ‘n’ number of ‘less-priced’ hotels who will offer you all kinds of world-class amenities necessary for a comfortable stay.

• While in India, book Hatchback cars if you are less number of people like 2 or 3, instead of booking an SUV or an MUV. This will keep your budget low. 

• There are innumerable food options in the country which offer some sumptuous food without charging exorbitantly high prices. The locals might provide some helpful information regarding this.

•  Try to stop yourself from giving generous tips at every place/hotel/restaurant you visit.

•  If you are planning a vacation in India then now is the best time to do so because of the weakening Indian currency. The exchange rate of your currency will be great.