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Reasons Why Should You Choose Indian Maharaja over Orient Express

Venice Simplon Orient Express has set benchmarks for all other luxury trains across the world. It has been designed in true Art Deco style and exude grace, elegance and style.  

Welcome to Indian Maharaja Train

But there is an Indian luxury train with the name of Indian Maharaja-Deccan Odyssey which has been designed to give run over money to the Orient Express. 

The train is a chartered version of the famous Deccan Odyssey and was conceptualized by Travel Corporation of India (TCI). Here are some reasons why you should choose Indian Maharaja over the Orient Express train.

The Indian Maharaja Private lounge
Unlike Venice Simplon Orient Express, Indian Maharaja caters to the business needs of the guests with its 50 seated Conference Car. It is fitted with all the modern amenities such as telephones, computers, printers and fax machines.

Indian Maharaja caters to the health and rejuvenation needs of the guests with its state of the art gymnasium and spa. 

Indian Maharaja has a beauty salon where ladies can visit for a beauty treatment. The benefit of this salon is that it allows you to undergo a complete makeover before heading to some five star/ palace hotel for lunch or dinner. 

Last but not the least, the price is the major factor to choose Indian Maharaja over the Orient Express. Whereas a day trip from Paris to London on board the Orient Express costs around £560, the Indian Maharaja offers two  8 days and 7 nights journeys  beginning from an introductory price of USD 595.