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Top 10 Indian Destinations with their Specialties

India, a country with its glorious past and glaring present, has a bamboozling charisma that fascinates thousands of global nomads every year to plan their tour to India. The country displays an in-your-face diversity in every walk of life and even in landscapes and seasons. From snow dusted mountains to sun bathed beaches, peaceful temples to lively festivals, lantern-lit villages to software-supremo cities, every shade of human civilization can be seen in this diversely unified country of India. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Gujarat to Assam, every part of India has its own specialties which distinguish the one from the other. The following are top 10 Indian destinations famous for their very own specialty:-


Red Fort Delhi
Red Fort in New Delhi
With its medieval monuments, spiritual shrines, colorful street markets and modern urban developments, you can still hear the saga of medieval India in each corner of Delhi. The culture of the city is so rich that it could blend with any culture without losing its own colors. Apart from the colorful culture and different historical monuments in this capital city, it has two other special features also- its variety of foods and its local markets. The Mughal and north Indian food varieties of Delhi and its buzzing local markets are the best two things that still cloaked the traditional culture of the city.


Hawa Mahal in Jaipur
The city of Jaipur, often referred to as the ‘Pink City’, is an all-time favorite to the travelers for its forts, palaces and royal lifestyle. The Rajputana lifestyle and royalty is still visible in ever detailing of the city which sets it apart from the other cities of the deserted state of Rajasthan. Moreover, Jaipur is also famous for its puppetry culture and handicraft items. So, whenever you plan a tour to Jaipur, Don’t forget to take a trip to the local markets and spend one or two hours of your evening time watching a puppetry show.


Tajmahal In Agra
Taj Mahal, the monument that immortalizes a king’s love for his beloved queen, is not only a pride of Agra but of entire India. Taj Mahal is the signature monument of Agra and the prime attraction of this city. Taj is also one of the brilliant manifestations of Mughal Dynasty’s design aesthetics. The best time to visit this splendid place is in the early morning. The shimmering fresh rays of sun glamorize the beauty of Taj which never fails to impress the visitors. The marble stone items of Agra are also famous worldwide; you can take a roam to the markets of the city to bag pack some fabulous marble items along with you.


Ganga Aarti in Varanas
One of the oldest living cities in the world, Varanasi or Banaras is the ultimate destination for the spiritual peace seekers around the world. It is a melting pot where life and death meet each-other. Ghats of the river Ganges, the fleet of temples and the shrine of Lord Buddha are the prime attractions of this ancient Indian city. Moreover, the Banarasi pan (a chewing mouth freshener made up of betel leaf, betel nut and other mouth fresheners) and Banarasi saree catches the attraction of every traveler. The Banarasi sarees are also a part and pride of rich Indian tradition.


tours to Kerala
Munnar Hill Stations in Kerala
 The very beauty and specialty of Kerala lies in its natural world only. The backwaters and the palm groves cast a magic spell on every traveler who travels through this land. Moreover, the bewitching sights of Athirapally waterfalls infuse freshness to every tired soul. The classical idea of ‘Picturesque’ finds a true embodiment in the form of this waterfall. Kerala is also one of the best seats for spa and Ayurvedic massage therapy. A host of resorts and hotels are there in Kerala that provide top-notch Spa and Ayurvedic therapies to the guests.


Goa Beaches
Goa Beach
There is no doubt that the golden sandy beaches are the prime attractions of Goa, but the night life and casinos will also make you fall in love with this place. The identity of the state is rooted in deep enjoyment of food and drink. Different restaurants serve sumptuous sea food varieties and native Goan beverages. As the Portuguese ruled the land for a long period of time, so their influence in architecture and lifestyle is also reflected in Goa.


Victoria Memorial, Kolkata
Victoria Memorial Kolkata
Music and art characterizes the city culture of Kolkata, or to a broader sense of entire West Bengal. The Visva-Bharati University in West Bengal, founded by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore is an institute of National importance. To preserve the art and culture of the country and to give a scope to the young minds to explore their own world of creativity, this University offers a number of courses and materials. Popularly known as Shantiniketan, this university presents well the cultural heritage of the country to its visitors. Furthermore, while you are into a tour to Kolkata, you might not want to miss to taste the world famous sweet ‘roshogolla’ which is very own of this city.

Tigers of Bandhavgarh
Bandhavgarh National Park
With its impenetrable forest land and its valorous Bengal tiger, the vicinity of Bandhavgarh in Madhya Pradesh is a heaven for the wild photographers, adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. The Bandhavgarh National Park is home to around 250 species of birds, the Bengal tigers and various other species of flora and fauna. The Bandhavgarh fort is a witness to the thousands of year old culture of the country. This national park is one of the best tiger reserves in the world and thus thousands of travelers come to this place every year to get a glimpse of the jungle king.


Kaziranga National Park Assam
Kaziranga National Park in Assam
The two most appealing attractions of the Indian state of Assam are its far stretching tea plantations and its unique one horned rhinoceros. The blessing of Mother Nature can be seen in every part of the sate with its rich natural resources and a pampering weather throughout the year. The Majuli Island in the river Brahmaputra in Assam also turned out to be a tourist attraction for its rustic lifestyle out of the reach of modern vanity. Apart from nature and wildlife, the Bihu song and dance of Assam made an international appeal for its grandeur and colorfulness. 


Dal Lake, Kashmir
Shikara Ride in Kashmir
People may call it ‘paradise on earth’ or ‘princely state’, the Kashmir region never fails to spell its magic charm on the visitors. Its scenic beauty is the prime attraction of Kashmir. Though this part of the country has witnessed many invasions from time to time, it has still well restored its charisma and charm. The handicraft industry of Kashmir is also very rich and has a uniqueness of its own. Those who come in a tour to Kashmir, take these handicraft items as a memento of the land.

The uniqueness of different regions of India together presents the unity and diversity of the country. Each state and regions with their own characteristics are the gem stones in the casket of India. Come, feel and share the magnificence of this country in a luxury holiday tour to India.