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Hill Station Tour : Travel Ideas

Nature is probably the best utopia for people of every age group. Recently India is awarded the best and most favored tourist destinations around the world. Thus planning a hill station tour in this country of scenic beauty could be the best gift that a husband can give to his spouse or parent can give to their kids. One can experience the best hill station tours in the northern and north eastern part of the country.

Himachal Sojourn

The highest mountain range in the world, the Himalayas, houses some of the best and spectacular hill stations of the world. Shimla, Ooty, Manali, Nainital, Mount Abu are just to mention a few from the long list of hilly natural abodes that this magnificent country has. Whether you travel to the roads of Nainital or set off to explore the beauty of Ooty or Shimla, each of these stations will cater to you an exciting exotic experience every time you visit these places.

A vacation, far away from the pollution and dirt of the city life is a real retreat not for the eyes but for the body and the mind too.  Moreover, those who want some thrilling experiences during their summer vacations, a tour to Indian hill stations is a must need for them. Bungee jumping, river rafting and paragliding will definitely bring down shivers to your spine. Some hill stations in India make you experience some of the best wild sports in the country.

The spellbinding beauty of these hill stations in India attracts a good number of visitors every year, both from within and outside the country. A family tour to these places in a sumptuous way gives an exotic travelling experience, especially to the young members of the family.

Though there are different means of exploring the greenery of Indian hill stations, an exotic journey to the mountain ranges, boarding a luxury train, is a completely different experience of its kind. The interior decor of these trains as well as the services that they provide is sufficient enough to tempt your senses.