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Holidays in Kerala: Backwaters Tours

Kerala evokes many images in the mind of global travelers. But one of the most emblematic images of Kerala is manifested in the palm fringed, water hyacinth proliferated and Ketuvallams promenaded backwaters. Vast stretches of backwaters meander through Kerala with elongated networks of canals, lagoons and lakes drenched along the Malabar Coast.

Holidays in Kerala
Kathakali Performers - A cultural dance form in Kerala
Ensconced between Western Ghats and Arabian Sea, Kerala is inherently different from what one expects from a tourist destination in India. Kerala is fondly referred to as ‘god’s own country’ and the fascinating landscape, amazing diversity, spices and flowers and liberal hospitality endorse the ancient ethos of Indian hospitality which proclaims “Atithi Devo Bhava”, literally meaning guests are to be treated as gods. 

Kerala has been voted as 50 Destinations to Visit before You Die by National Geographic Magazine and effusively justify various accolades bestowed upon her.  Blessed with natural beauty, sun kissed beaches, vast stretches of backwaters and fertile land, Kerala not only offers an array of conventional tourism opportunities in state but also happens to be the champion of green tourism in India.

Kerala backwaters tour
Chinese Fishing Nets - A major attraction in Fort Kochi
Kerala backwaters offer one of the most enchanting ways to explore the mystique and charm of this amazing country. A ride in traditional Ketuvallams lets you discover the bucolic splendor of the countryside as you wade through the frail network of canals connecting verdant stretches of rice paddies and coconut groves. Various boat races offering a cultural slice of the region are also arranged every year at various places. The most famous backwater destinations perhaps are the Alleppey or Alappuzha, Vembanad and Kuttanad region.

package holidays in Kerala
A Kettuvallam plying backwaters near Alapuzza
Add to the aforementioned attributes of Kerala backwater holidays, the vibrant traditions and mouth watering cuisines. It’s really one of those places whose fond memories stay with you long after your visit. A truly unique experience of Indian holidays in this endearing paradise will leave you spellbound. With its amazing diversity, rich heritage, vibrant culture and remarkable geography, Kerala tours ensure that you get to spend the time of your life when you plan for your vacation in this “god’s own country”.

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