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North India Temple Tour: In Search of Spirituality

North India temple tour traverses the courses of these significant places which celebrate and preserve the art and culture of various socio-cultural beliefs and practices. Meticulously crafted temple tours to select destination in northern part of India is a quest to bring out the vibrant aspect of spirituality and art embedded in some glorious monuments and temples.
North India temple tours
Evening Aarti at Bathing Ghats by the Sacred river Ganges in Varanasi
Beginning your North India temple tour from Delhi gives you flexibility and variety of choice to cover some most significant places of worship and pilgrimage. Delhi itself is home to many temples dedicated to and serving different religious beliefs. Some of the important places worth mention includes Lotus Temple (The Bahá'í House of Worship), Akshardham Temple (Swaminarayan), Birla Temple, ISKCON Temple, Jama Masjid and Chhatarpur Temple.

Located a few hundred kilometers away from Delhi are Mathura and Vrindavan. These are the places around which lord Krishna was born and brought up. These destinations are major pilgrimage sites of Hindus. Place of interest in Vrindavan include ISKCON Temple also known as Sri Krishna-Balaram Mandir, Banke Bihari Temple, Madan Mohan temple and Sri Vrindavan-Chandra Mandir located some 145 kilometers away from Delhi. In Mathura places of interest include Dwarkadheesh temple and Govardhana Hill among others.

One of the major pilgrimage centers of international fame is located in the city of Amritsar, Punjab. Harmandir Sahib, popularly known as the Golden Temple, is the most sacred temple of Sikh community. The temple is popularly referred to as Golden Temple because of the gold plating on the upper floors of the structure.
Golden Temple Amritsar
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In Rajasthan, Pushkar is a major pilgrimage center of international renown famous for its annual fair. Brahma temple, situated in Pushkar, Rajasthan is the most prominent temple dedicated to the Hindu creator god Brahma. Just a short distance from Pushkar is Ajmer which is a major pilgrimage of Muslims. The Ajmer Sharif shrine is renowned for its secular character attracting pilgrims of all faiths.

Temple tours in India especially in the northern part, is incomplete without a visit to Varanasi. Varanasi is the most sacred pilgrimage site of Hindus. Considered one of the most ancient cities in world, the allure of Varanasi lies in its archaic temples and holy bathing ghats of Ganges. A boat cruise in the mythical river Ganges is a must to do thing in Varanasi.
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Lotus Temple (Baha'i House of Worship) - New Delhi
India is home to an array of religious beliefs, creeds and practices. To say that North India Temple Tour is the best way to experience religious fervor and Indian culture will not be an overstatement. With almost every religion practiced here in India, patrons of art and culture have seen to it that multitude of religious monuments dot the length and breadth of India since time immemorial. These places are memorial of the beliefs, culture and practices of the society and temple tours in India offer a window to let you witness the rich heritage of India in these timeless monuments.

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