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Golden Chariot Train Pride of the South : Discover Myriad Facets of Karnataka

“Water changes at every mile and language changes at every three miles”. The varied topography, cultural mix, religious tolerance and multi-lingual populace of India certainly mount up to the aforementioned statement. When it comes to southern region of India, there could be no way better than Golden Chariot train to unearth the natural and cultural treasures of this region.

Golden Chariot Train
The Golden Chariot Train Ariel View
Fondly referred to as South India’s very own Palace on Wheels, this Indian luxury train was launched to showcase the rich heritage of Karnataka in an opulent manner. On 10th March, 2008, Golden Chariot embarked on its maiden voyage from Bangalore to Goa. During the course of its 8 days and 7 nights’ journey, this Indian luxury train encompasses various historically prominent and naturally rich destinations which include Mysore, Kabini, Hassan, Hospet, Badami and Goa. From ancient temples to stunning palaces and from wildlife treasure troves to colonial edifices, this tastefully crafted itinerary aboard the Golden Chariot train offer different strokes to different folks.

Each day of Pride of the South journey lets you discover a different aspect of tourism in this state. The 2nd day marks the entry of Golden Chariot into the rustic hinterland of Kabini. A delectable lunch in jungle lodge enveloped with luxuriant greens followed by a game safari to enjoy the call of the wild is what scheduled for the 2nd day.

Moving on the 3rd day of this itinerary, the train will chug into the erstwhile realm of Tipu Sultan - Mysore. Beautiful gardens, stunning temples, magnificent palaces and local markets of this south Indian princely state will surely leave you spellbound. The sightseeing excursion will reach its crescendo in the cultural program organized at Lalitha Mahal Palace.

Apart from exploring wildlife treasures and imperial heritage of Mysore, this Indian luxury train brings you face to face with the rich Dravidian heritage of south India. The 4th, 5th and 6th day on board Pride of the South journey will take you to Hassan, Hospet and Badami, each of which is sprinkled with scores of religious edifices and monuments built during medieval age.

On the penultimate day of this rail tour, the luxury train enters the beach paradise ‘Goa’. The sightseeing tour of the day includes exploration of churches and Sola Souto Manor, a Portuguese house dating back to 16th century, in Old Goa.

Some points to be remembered while making reservations for Golden Chariot train:
  • If reservation is made for individual travelling, you have to pay 20% of the ticket value at the time of booking confirmation. Rest 80% is to be paid 60 days prior to departure.
  •  If reservation is made for a group tour, you are required to pay 50% of the ticket value at the time of booking confirmation. Rest 80% is to be paid 60 days prior to departure.
The destinations covered by Golden Chariot during the course of Pride of the South journey offers peak into the rich history and cultural heritage of Karnataka. Right from exploring rich Dravidian heritage to wildlife rendezvous in Bandipur National Park, the journey explores many worlds of Karnataka.