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Top 10 Beaches in India - A Perfect Hideaway in Summer Season

Best Beaches in India - : A Perfect Hideaway in Summer Season

Though this time of the year is characterized by humidity, blazing rays of the sun and the scorching daytime, still it is the most happening time as it is summer. Throughout the year people plan for their summer days so that they can beat the heat of the season by spending some pampering days in the most exotic destination on planet earth. With its diverse landscapes, India offers the summer travelers most lucrative summer holiday destinations, among which the beaches in India catch the limelight. The scattering of beaches in the southern, south-western and south-eastern parts of the country are no less than the most fascinating beaches of Hawaii or Mauritius.

The oceans and the seas bordering the coastline, create a riot of colors like electric blue, turquoise, emerald green, menacing gray and even frothy white. The advancing and receding of waves, sometime gentle and in some other time aggressive, create such a mesmerizing charm that nothing more is needed to spend the holidays other than watching this play of water. Upon this merriment play, the warm tickling of the rays of the sun spellbound the vacationers. For the kind perusal of the vacationers, we have formed, in no particular order, the list of top ten beaches in India that are unique with their own characteristics:

1. Calangute Beach, Goa

top 10 beaches in India
Image Courtesy WikiMedia - Calingute Beach, Goa 
Just a 15 kilometers drive from the capital city Panjim will take you to the queen of beaches Calangute in northern Goa. The far stretching shoreline of Calangute can accommodate a huge number of tourists. The shacks and stalls near the beach make you relish some of the fine variety of sea foods along with offering you the best handicraft items of the state. With the boom of tourists in Calangute, many luxury resorts have been constructed near to it so that travelers can enjoy a relaxing stay while savoring the views of the azure deep Arabian Ocean.

2. Varkala, Kerala

Varkala Beach, Kerala
Sunset at Varkala Beach, Kerala 
To touch your heart, reach your soul and refresh your mind, the Varkala beach in Kerala will offer you an unhurried affair between the sun and the send, and the sea and cliff. In the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram, Varkala is a quiet and secluded ménage out of the reach of buzzing city life. The rainbow of colors created by golden sandy beaches, emerald green ocean water and the aristocratic blue sky is certainly a breathtaking medley of nature. With the sprouting of international standard spa resorts, the vicinity of Varkala is rapidly upgrading to a fascinating holiday destination in India.

3. Gokarna, Karnataka

With its diverse shades of natural world, Gokarna in Karnataka is most famous for its two best attributes- its holy and sacred temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and its pristine beaches with panoramic shoreline. An amalgamation of green forestry, eternal ocean, soul pleasing temples and luxury resorts give the vacationers a chance to enjoy uninterrupted vacation days in the most relaxing manner in Gokarna.

4. Nagoa Beach, Diu

Surrounded by dense coconut grooves, the horseshoe shaped beach of Nagoa is one of the most lucrative destinations for vacationers in Diu. For people who want to experience something adventurous in the summer, Nagoa is the best suit for them as a host of water sports are available here. The minimum rocks and undercurrents make this beach safe for swimming too. A barefooted walk into the shoreline of Nagoa is certainly a moment to captive forever in life.

5. Kovalam, Kerala

Kovalam Beach, Kerala
Kovalam Beach, Kerala
Without any shadow of doubt one can say that Kovalam is certainly the heaven of south Kerala. This tropical Eden garden was discovered just 3 decades ago by the hippies and within a very short period of time it became famous worldwide. Blessed with various natural resources, this little tropical land is best known for its clean beaches, Ayurvedic & Spa resorts and local coconut beer Toddy. Though Kovalam attracts thousands of visitors every year, still this place is not jam packed and offer a restful environment to spent relaxing vacation days.

6. Rishikonda, Andhra Pradesh

The tidy waves of Bay of Bengal in Rishikonda beach in Andhra Pradesh offers a perfect environment to enjoy some of the best water sports in the country. Swimming, water skiing and wind surfing are some of the best adventure activities that every traveler enjoys in Rishikonda. Moreover the colorful and lively sights add on more charm and gaiety in this wavy shoreline of Bay of Bengal.

7. Pondicherry Beaches

With the reminiscences of French colonial era, Pondicherry is dotted with some of the most charming beaches on the face of earth. The beaches in this union territory are characterized by powdery white sand, tickling sunrays and bordering clear blue water of the ocean. The resorts, cafes, bars and cottages in Pondicherry still reflect the French ethos. The great Indian saint and philosopher Rishi Aurobindo established his Ashram in Pondicherry which is serving as a great seat of spiritual and philosophical studies in the country.

8. Andaman Beaches

Andaman Island
Port Blair, Andaman
Encircled by the Indian Ocean, Andaman is blessed with some of the best beaches in India, and probably in the world too. The beaches in this island are clear, tranquil and thus house some of the most exciting adventure activities. Radhanagar, Vijaynagar, Carbyn’s Cove, Butler Bay, Red Skin Island and Cinque Island are some of the most promising beaches in the vicinity of Andaman. The vacationers can also enjoy a deep water dive in Andaman to witness various colorful flora and fauna beneath the wave water of the sea. Andaman tour packages offer one of the most exclusive holiday experiences in India.

9. Baga, Goa

When we think of a beach holiday, a bashing night life always strikes our mind. For those who want to enjoy the best of Goan night, Baga beach is a perfect match for them. The throbbing music, dance floor, variety of wines and spirits turn the nights into a festive time in Goa. Moreover, near to this happening beach, you can also find some of the unspoiled natural abode where to enjoy some moments of tenderness.

10. Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

The dream world of Tamil art, Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu is also famous for its tranquil, soothing beach. A gift of nature, Mahabalipuram has stored many natural gemstones in its casket along with its rich ancient heritage and architectural wonders. During the festive season, these beaches turn into colorful wonderlands where people from different regions and religions gather to celebrate the merriment of life.

The ever crumbling water of the sea always creates a fantasy world in human mind and summer vacation days are certainly the best time to live this fantasy of the mind. The beaches in India are not only breathtaking, but offer the best vacation experience with the number of luxury resorts sprouted in and around these land of sand, sun and water.